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Shanghai ACME International Conference Service Company is a comprehensive and professional conference service company providing services of conference planning, conference reception, media operations, exhibitions and travel tickets and so on. With its excellent professional skills, the company has turned to be the designated conference service supplier of many embassies, government and Fortune 500 companies.

ACME’s advantage lies in the fact that it can custom-tailor program planning, and has powerful executive ability to meet the customers’ diversified needs. In respect of planning, ACME staff abandons the traditional thinking habit, refuses commonness and roughness and listens attentively to our customers’ needs so as to provide the best customer-satisfied planning. In terms of execution, the high-quality teams of professionals have the spirit of hard work, rich and professional conference knowledge, excellent overall project planning ability, abundant reception experience and extensive partnership. We have high reputation in the industry, which has won us approval from Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Industries Association and now we are a member of this association.

Recruiting all kinds of talented people, the company has gathered many experienced senior persons in the industry and the first-class planning groups. With the principle of “honesty, team and innovation”, our company has successfully planned and held various forums, fairs, symposiums, investment promotion meetings, presentations, press conference, trainings, associations, sessions, receptions, annual meetings, overseas business meetings, celebrations and kinds of exhibitions. With years of exploration, development and management, our company has won approvals from our customers of various industries and has a good reputation in the industry.

ACME, with its unusual but wonderful planning and talented teams, is ready at all times to accept any new challenge. We are striving to provide highly efficient and qualitative personalized service for our customers and will spare no pains to win customers’ satisfaction with our sincerity.



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